Well strike another blow to me believing everything I read on the Internet! Kim Kardashian has just come right out and said it. They are fake!

Oh Kim, how I have trusted you and your family to be open and honest with me about every nauseating event in your over publicized life and now you do this. You admit that you haven't been totally truthful. What else have you been not telling the truth about?

I suppose it's the smart thing that Kim is doing. Not wearing the real diamonds in that over-the-top engagement ring, but still. I like to think of my celebrity heroes as always covered in the finest not the fraudulent. Somewhere an insurance company is breathing easier because Kim is wearing a fake ring, but not me, I feel violated, used and....wait a minute I really don't care. Sorry I forgot, I got caught up in the hoopla. I am not even sure why Kim Kardashian is famous other than for sleeping with professional athletes that I have heard of. I guess in this day and age that is really all you need to do. Thank you Kim, thank you for being the role model I hope my child will never become.