I just adore to kiss the lips of my beloved, I don't get to do it quite enough and it generally creeps the kids out when we do but still. To hold tightly the love of my life and kiss her deeply, ahh that is what makes the day. I told you I am a hopeless romantic and fellows I am telling you the kiss on the cheek compares nothing to the full on deep kiss that goes on forever. You want to feel the heat and the passion? Turn up the steam heat! I have proof!

Have you ever wondered why we kiss? It's actually a strange way to spend your time lips smooshed together, breath (good or bad) mingling, and let's not even get into the tongue action. Yet we love it. We cheer when movie characters seal their happily-ever-afters with a smooch. A bodies-pressed-together kiss can make you remember why you adore the man who was annoying you just a minute ago. Why is that?

Let's find out why we kiss and why kissing is so good for us in so many ways.