This is South Louisiana and we will fry just about anything. However I don't think I have ever stumbled across this culinary creation. Deep fried Kool-Aid, that's right your favorite drink, now rolled into a ball and cooked to a crispy crunch. Does this sound tasty to you?

Kool-Aid was a staple of my youthful summers, we had many a Kool-Aid stand to make extra money. I wonder how the deep fried Kool-Aid would have gone over with my mom? She always complained about us using all her sugar, I guess she would have complained about me using all of her oil in this case. So what is your favorite deep fried thing that shouldn't be deep fried? Have you tried the Snickers, the Twinkie and the Oreo? I must admit they are different but I think I  will stick to catfish, shrimp and crawfish in the fryer for my taste!

Check it out for yourself, or at least learn how they're made.