I thought that now would be a great time for a 'girly' moment so ladies this one's for you. It's time to talk dresses! Valentine's Day is quickly approaching which means so is the Red Hot Mardi Gras Ball.

Whether it be homecoming, prom, a ball, or some other very special event that involves finding 'that dress,' it gets a little nerve wrecking. And then you think, 'Why do guys get it so easy? All they need to do is get fitted for a suit and slap on a nice red tie!' I have been in this situation for about two weeks. Some of the obvious questions: 'Where do I look?' 'How much am I going to have to spend?' 'Am I going to find anything at all?'

Yes, I asked myself these questions, too. Can you guess where I found my dress? A consignment shop I pass every day that's just four blocks from my house. The dress is a beautiful RED and when I put it on, I just knew it was the one. Being in college, you aren't blessed with a whole lot of money to spend on these kind of things. That means that I am a HUGE bargain shopper. If you are like me, you're probably wondering where that thrift/consignment shop is for you? They are EVERYWHERE!

Believe it or not, places like Goodwill, if you time it right, will have a very large selection of evening gowns and there are locations of Goodwill everywhere you turn. You can also look on the clearance racks at David's Bridal or other formal stores like that. Clearance and sales are everywhere if you are willing to really look.

There are also organizations that collect unwanted dresses that were just sitting in someone's closet and you can take your pick. Look up those organizations in your area and you will be surprised what you can find.

I spent $40 on my dress and I will be proudly strutting it on the dance floor at The District for our Red Hot Mardi Gras Ball on Valentine's Day. I hope to see you there in your amazing dresses looking beautiful as I know you will be! I hope this information helps in your search for 'that dress.' Have a lovely rest of your day!