Look at that picture? Do you know what that thing  hanging from the ceiling is? It's hanging right there inside our own Lafayette Regional Airport. I had to pick up my wife last night after a flight from Houston and while the kids and I waited for her to deplane I sat staring at this thing. Is it a tribute to South Louisiana's time honored tradition of indoor badminton? Is it a salute to poorly made spitballs of an earlier time?

I honestly don't know what the piece is supposed to be.If art is supposed to make one think then I have to hand it to the artist, it sure has had me thinking. There are some other sculptures hanging in our airport above the concourse and they appear to have some connection with the cosmos. If I were a betting man I would bet that is supposed to be a comet streaking across the sky.

Then again it could be a used napkin being tossed by a crawfish eating giant.

What do you think it is? Are there any other pieces of artwork around town that you don't understand? I do hope you'll share your findings with me. If you happen to know what this is supposed to be or represent I would love to know. To the artist, I mean no disrespect after all I am from Mississippi where most of our favorite artwork is made with pipe cleaners and macaroni