We walk by faith not by sight, we look with our hearts as well as our eyes. Those words are easy to say, not so easy sometimes to live.  Lafayette's Catholic Services has once again proven that the amazing connection between people of faith and people of action can make an incredible difference in the lives of so many.

Lafayette Catholic Services has been a part of a national campaign to end chronic homelessness across our country. The campaign, 100,000 Homes, was designed to put 100-thousand homeless individuals into 100-thousand homes within four years. The campaign reached its goal yesterday a full month ahead of schedule.

Lafayette Catholic Services has been active in the campaign since 2012 and through their efforts locally 684 individuals now have a place to call home. Lafayette Catholic Service Centers’ Msgr. Sigur Center Director Autumn dela Houssaye said,

“We are thrilled to be a part of 100,000 Homes. Being involved in the campaign, with the tools, network and resources it provided, has made a significant impact on our organization’s work and our staff’s identity,It has motivated us to focus our services on ending homelessness in our community, rather than managing homelessness. Every person deserves a home, and that’s how you end homelessness, with one person, one home, one bed, at a time!”

Through the efforts of the campaign nationally nearly 30- thousand homeless veterans now have a place to live as well. It is estimated that nationwide this initiative will result in a tax savings of over $1.3 billion dollars. This number is calculated on statistics such as medical care, emergency room costs and other service related expenses.