To Protect and Serve, it's the motto our local police departments live and die by. Unfortunately every thing we read isn't exactly as we think it truly is. What if I told you Lafayette Consolidated Government is responsible for bringing right to your doorstep a substance that was the second leading killer of kids under 15 years of age in the year 2005? You would be outraged wouldn't you?

This same substance is the reason over 14 thousand kids under the age of 14 were hospitalized last year! What is even more bizarre this dangerous substance is something that you and I have been footing the bill for.

Stranger still there is no organized resistance to stop it from coming into our homes. It's as if many of us freely welcome this dangerous killer directly into our homes with no questions asked. Most of us are furious when we are cut off from our supply of it.

Dihydrogen Monoxide is the scientific name of this substance. It's been known to rust steel nails and a person who breathes pure Dihydrogen Monoxide is most likely to have breathed his last breath. Why do we allow this substance in our homes and business? Why would our local government allow such a thing to be delivered any where near our children?

Because Dihydrogen Monxide is H20, more commonly known as water. In the opening lines of this piece I told you"Unfortunately every thing we read isn't exactly as we think it truly is". Why did I drag you through this dog and pony show? Believe it or not it has more to do with a missing girl than with an awful substance that could harm you.

In the Mickey Shunick case the line between real, imagined, speculation and pure fantasy has become quite blurred. I know every one of you reading this piece is asking in your heart for this young lady to be brought home safely to her family. Yet the theories and opinions of those who express themselves on social media and in comment sections of websites like this one often are accepted as fact.Then those unconfirmed "facts" start taking on the appearance of truth and we all lose when that happens.

I am nowhere near the savior of truth. As someone who has worked in news for many years and on the radio in the entertainment side for even more years I do understand what it feels like to have the facts distorted. All I am asking is this, before you repeat, post, or comment make sure your  information is correct.

I also invite you to consider the feelings of those who might be reading your words. So why the Dihydrogen Monoxide bit at the beginning of the piece? It's a subtle reminder that what we know and what we think we know are often two different things.Even we in the media get it wrong from time to time and you can only imagine how much that hurts since we are intrusted by you to get it right all the time. I wish we could all be perfect, but alas the best we will ever be is human.