YAY, LAFAYETTE!!! The "Fun Finders" officially declared Lafayette the home of the best food in America and I was SO happy theychose us! Now, us natives already knew this to be true so this was simply affirmation, right? I had the pleasure of interviewing the Parr's on GMA in early July. They were a lovely couple from Florida and she told me they were not told what category they would have until they showed up to start touring the finalist towns. I told them the day I interviewed them that they were welcome to visit the other towns but there was no doubt in MY mind who the winner would be. In the article ,they talk about the fact that they were surprised that Cajun food was not SPICY but FLAVORFUL. UH... Yeah.  I always laugh when I travel anywhere outside of Acadiana (and I don't do much) and see the word "Cajun" on the menu. It's like a big beacon saying"don't order me!" Or the word"gumbo" when I'm outside of South Louisiana. There's just stuff you don't touch when you aren't at home. Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS LAFAYETTE!!! We knew it all along!