When was the last time it rained at your house? You probably had to stop and think about that didn't you? According to Dave Baker the next decent chance of rain, other than an isolated afternoon shower, will be on Friday and that is only a 40% chance. So what are we supposed to do with all of those plants in our gardens and the grass that is growing crunchy in our yard? It's time to get out the sprinklers and the hose and help mother nature out. If you live in the city of Lafayette you can get into trouble for watering at the wrong time or on the wrong day.

The watering restrictions are in place to make sure that water pressure will always be where it needs to be in time of emergency. So when can you water your yard? Mondays are dry days, not watering is allowed. If your home address ends in an odd number then your days to water are Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. If your home address ends in an even number then you can turn the sprinklers on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

Now these restrictions apply to irrigation systems and automatic sprinklers. If you choose to stand outside with the hose you can do that all day long on any day you choose. What happens if you decide not to follow these restrictions? It could affect your wallet and become part of your record. There are exceptions to these restrictions, we invite you to consult the Lafayette Consolidated Government website for answers to your specific questions.