With so many outside activities this time of year guys like Dave Baker, Rob Perillo and Daniel Phillips become so much more than weather guys. It's as if they hold the key to us having a great weekend or not. I think for today we'll find plenty of great reasons to buy the weatherman a beer at Patty in the Parc today.

A developing weather system is expected to bring rain to Acadiana over the weekend but according to the KATC Futurecast Model, other than a brief passing shower, most of us will stay dry until late tonight. That is when warm moist air drifting up from the Gulf of Mexico is expect to interact with an approaching Pacific cold front. This interaction could be the catalyst for thunderstorms across the area during the early morning hours of Sunday.

The Storms Prediction Center does list the potential for severe thunderstorms in the area over the next 24 hours as slight. Should watches or warnings be required we will feature that information on this website. Rain chances should decrease during the day on Sunday with cooler temperatures for early next week.