Schools have been closed, roads have been closed, sandbags have been filled and plans have been changed by many people in South Louisiana. The reason for all this disruption? Heavy rain that just won't seem to go away.



National Weather Service forecasters in Lake Charles predict another good soaking rain today. This will only exacerbate the situation of already flooded streams, ditches, coulees and streets. The potential for the heaviest rain to fall over the next 24 hours is generally west Interstate 49.

Our listeners in Acadia and Vermilion parishes can expect an additional 2 inches of rain, while those further west might see in excess of 3 inches of rain. Rainfall totals in the eastern sections of the listening area will still be plentiful but not overly excessive.

When will it all end? If the forecast models hold true and because Dave Baker is really good at what he does we can say with a great deal of confidence later tonight and most assuredly by Friday. That doesn't mean we will be totally out of the woods as far as rain chances go, it just means rain chances will be considerably smaller and the potential for heavy rains will diminish greatly.