Late Tuesday afternoon the skies around Acadiana darkened, the wind picked up and the rumble of thunder was loud enough to scare many a skittish dog beneath the bed. The heavy rain and lightning caused a myriad of problems across the area. Rush hour traffic was snarled by malfunctioning traffic signals and water across the roadways. There was also at least one house fire that was believed to be caused by lightning.  Today's forecast holds a chance for a repeat performance.

The morning drive today will see the majority of falling precipitation confined to the areas south of Interstate 10. The showers along the coast will gradually move to the north and eventually die out by mid-morning. Then the effects of the daytime heating and high humidity will take over. More than likely showers and thunderstorms will redevelop along or  south of I-10 and move northward. This affect is called the sea breeze affect. It has to do with the change in temperature and subsequent movement of air from a large body of water over land.

By late this afternoon most of the rain and thunderstorms will have dissipated. Rain chances should remain minimal for the remainder of the work week into the weekend.