It's been typical summertime weather for Acadiana the past few days. The mornings are clear and muggy. Around lunchtime the clouds start to build up and at some point in the afternoon you've either heard a rumble of thunder or you've been caught in a downpour.

Today, Dave Baker says we shouldn't expect too much different in the forecast but Tuesday the rain chances will increase greatly. Something we don't see a lot of in South Louisiana until September will make an appearance in the area. That something is a cold front. Usually cold fronts are blocked from getting too close to our area by the sub tropical ridge or Bermuda High.

Tuesday an approaching cold front will get close enough to spark off thunderstorms in the area and increase our rain chances significantly. Depending on how far the front makes it and if the high pressure ridge builds back in across the area there could be more rain in the forecast for the rest of the week.

As of right now the best chance of rain and thunderstorms are on Tuesday as well as Friday and Saturday.