As I drove into work in the wee small hours of this Monday morning I had the top down on the ol' Thunderbird. It was a cool morning but the there was a silvery moon and a few broken clouds to shimmer and bask in its light. Off in the distance I could see the flicker of lightning so I knew what was coming.

When I got into the studio I checked the Power Doppler HD Radar from KATC. With all that rain heading this way I hope I remembered to close the roof on the car! By the time most of you are reading this the rain will be moving through the area. That means a wet and sloppy wait at the bus stop and a wet ride into work.

The good news is this weather system will move out of the area by lunchtime. By the time school lets out today there is a good chance you'll be needing  your sunglasses. The outlook for the rest of the week in Acadiana calls for a quiet week of weather with cooler temperatures by the end of the week.