This morning the temperature in some of the Northern Rocky States is nearly 100 degrees colder than it is in Acadiana. While we are starting our day at 70 degrees, those places are dealing with sub zero temperatures and wind chill factors that seem more like the dark side of the moon.

Our cold weather is coming. It looks like the Arctic system that has dropped temperatures across the northern states will hit Acadiana hard on Friday. You might wake up and even drive to work in 70 degree weather but by the afternoon mercury will have dropped by as much as 30 degrees. Friday will also hold our best chance of rain for the week. The good news is the rain should end on Friday.

Saturday will see mostly cloudy skies and very cold temperatures for much of the day. Then on Sunday it will be a topsy turvy day depending upon where you live. Along the coast Sunday temperatures will rise into the 70's while those north of Highway 190 will stay cold. Temperatures across the area should return to more normal ranges by the first of next week.