Yesterday was a nice break from what could be a very rambunctious end to our work week as far as Mother Nature is concerned. A developing storm system over the Rocky Mountains will continue to strengthen as it moves to the east toward Acadiana.


By Thursday forecasters have placed a significant chance of rain and thunderstorms as well the  possibility of severe storms and even tornadoes in our forecast.

The next 24 hours should be mostly cloudy with only a slight chance of a shower. Thursday appears to be the day when Acadiana will be under the gun for bad weather. It doesn't look as if this storm system will be a prodigious rain maker with forecast totals generally in and around the one to two inch range. However heavy downpours in a short amount of time could create the possibility of some flash flooding in low lying areas.

The potential for severe weather should move out of the area late on Thursday but rain chances are likely to stay in the forecast for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.