Not only is today the day of the R&L Carriers New Orleans Bowl it is also the biggest shopping day of the year. It's the final weekend before Christmas and that means that people will be out in force. Whether it's for football or for final Christmas goodies the traffic will be thick and the weather will not cooperate.

The forecast for the Lafayette and Acadiana area suggests that passing sprinkles and showers are the rule for the early part of the day. By lunchtime the heavier thunderstorms should start to make an appearance on the radar scan. The bulk of the weather will move from west to east but individual showers might have more of a northeasterly movement. There is a potential for severe thunderstorms today and tonight. The good news is the system should move through during the night time hours and Sunday should be spectacular.

For the New Orleans area it's basically the same forecast delayed by about six hours. The tailgate party afternoon might be interrupted by a passing shower and some gusty breezes. The heavier thunderstorms will be moving into Greater New Orleans shortly after kick off of tonight's Ragin Cajun bowl game. Late night revelers and those having to make a long walk or hail a cab might want rain gear for after the game. Most of the rain and thunderstorms should clear the Crescent City by sunrise on Sunday.

For Christmas in Acadiana, Santa should have a clear ride into town on Christmas Eve with clear skies and temperatures in the upper 30's. Christmas Day should be sunny and nice for trying out new bikes and toys with a high temperature in the middle 60's.