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Lafayette's weather forecast seems like a summer rerun on TV. Last week we were looking at a stormy Thursday followed by clearing and cooler weather for the weekend. That forecast is what we can expect for this week too.

A storm system currently over Central Texas will push steadily eastward over the next 24 hours and by tonight that system should bring rain to most of Acadiana. Rain chances are extremely high for most of our listening area.

The Storms Prediction Center does have a severe weather threat forecast for part of the country. Acadiana should not see severe weather with the passing of this system. There is a potential for heavy rain and possibly some minor flooding in some of the heavy downpours.

The good news is that most of the heavy weather will move through the area late this after noon and tonight. The storms should be out of the area by the morning commute tomorrow. The forecast for the weekend is mostly sunny and cool.