We have certainly had our share of wild weather this year in Acadiana. We've had unprecedented frozen roads and bridges earlier this year. In fact we had those twice. We've also had torrential downpours and flooding rains in the area. Now it appears as though Acadiana's weather pattern has settled down into the typical Summer pattern.

The last time the official temperature was 90 or above in Lafayette was in September of last year. In fact Dave Baker looked into it and says it was September 26, 2013. That's a total of 251 days. It sure seems like its been  hotter than that huh?

This afternoon we should hit that 90 degree mark for an official high. If we don't then we most certainly should top 90 degrees sometime this week. There is only minimal chance of a pop up shower or thunderstorm through Friday. The outlook for the weekend does have a slight chance of afternoon showers in the long range forecast but no large scale areas of rain are expected.

Here is what is happening, our rainmaker, a low pressure system in the Gulf of Mexico has been pushed further south by an area of high pressure. This means the rain chances will be down the next couple of days but the temperatures will come up slightly. The tropical Atlantic remains quiet and no tropical formation is expected at least for the next five days.