There is a joke about Louisiana weather and waiting ten minutes. I don't like that joke because it hits to close to home. Do you remember when there were freeze warnings posted for portions of our listening area? Yeah that was Tuesday and Wednesday and today our high temperature will be almost 45 degrees warmer than the low temperatures of those mornings. It is now wonder everyone is sniffling, sneezing and feeling like they are on the edge of the flu.

Here is what the award winning forecast team at KATC's weather lab have prognosticated for your weekend. After a bit of a foggy start this morning today shouldn't be that bad. There will be a little bit of sunshine sneaking through the clouds but the temperatures will not make you think of Thanksgiving.

Tonight you might be hard pressed to find the stars in the sky but don't be surprised if the thin veil of clouds allows a silvery shimmer of moonlight into the night sky. If you are going out temperatures will be moderately cool. You might want a jacket or long sleeves but certainly not a heavy coat.

Sunday appears to be our best chance of rain in Acadiana. Different forecast models have the rain chances anywhere from 40% to 60% with precipitation amounts generally less than half an inch. The bigger change will come in the form of cooler temperatures. After the rain ends with the passage of a cold front late Sunday evening you can expect the winds to become northerly and the temperatures to begin to fall. We won't see the near freezing temperatures we saw this past week but it will at least be cold enough for you to believe that it is November.

The rest of the work week appears to be seasonable and dry with the next bout of rainfall anticipated to move into the area just in time for next weekend.