The thermometer may say it's not as cold as it was during the ice and snow. My bones and my body tell me I am shivering just the same. A lot of people in South Louisiana will tell you the subfreezing temperatures don't feel nearly as cold as the damp cold we usually experience in Acadiana. Yesterday was one of those day. This morning is starting out that way with temperatures in the upper 40's.

The rain should hold off for most of the day and if you have outside plans you shouldn't have any problem enjoying the day. The afternoon high will reach almost 70 degrees. I hope you didn't put away your umbrella because tomorrow  you are going to need it. It also looks like you won't need the sunglasses until maybe late Wednesday or Thursday.

A cold front is expected to push into the area by late tonight and that will increase the chance of showers across the area by early Monday morning.That frontal system is expected to stall along the coast. Rain chances will stay elevated as periodic disturbances in the atmosphere move along the frontal boundary. That will create the potential for more rain Monday night and Tuesday. Most of these atmospheric impulses should be  pushed out the area with the passage of another frontal system on Wednesday.

The current forecast for the area shows rain and cloudy skies will be in the forecast for at least the next four days. Acadiana should start to see some sunshine by Thursday with the long range outlook for next weekend show a respite from the rain.