Most of Acadiana has been shivering in temperatures below the freezing mark for more than 24 hours. The combination of sub freezing temperatures and falling precipitation has wreaked havoc on an area of the country that only knows how to deal with ice when it's in a glass or a blender.

As of 6am the official Lafayette temperature was 24 degrees. That means that most of the bridges and overpasses that were iced over late yesterday are still iced over today. The good news is the thaw is coming and it won't take too much longer to happen. Most of the reliable forecast models suggest that temperatures should be above freezing by 10am. If you factor in abundant sunshine it might actually seem warmer than it is.

Does this mean the roads and bridges will open at 10am? NO it does not. If you recall it takes ice a little time to melt plus law enforcement and DOTD will need to inspect bridges, overpasses and roadways for damage and to make sure there aren't any slick spots.

Our advice, keep watching this website and 97.3 The Dawg on Facebook. We will have the latest information posted as it becomes available through local authorities and our sister station NewsTalk 96.5 KPEL and our news partner KATC TV 3