White out conditions are not normally in the forecast for places that are south of I-10, but tonight under a clear and cool sky that's exactly what you can expect in parts of Acadiana. No, Dave Baker isn't suggesting a snowstorm for the area, but Ragin Cajun Football fans are certainly going to make the stands at Cajun Field appear to be huge snowdrifts in the swamp.

The actual forecast for tonight's game with Troy is a perfect one for football. The skies will be clear. The temperatures will be cool. Fans will want to have at least a sweatshirt or light jacket to go along with their white shirt since temperatures will be dropping through the 50's during the game.

The colder weather is a result of a cold front that moved through the area late yesterday. The outlook for today calls for clouds to move out and sunshine to build in. The breeze out of the north will make the afternoon high of 66 feel much cooler than those numbers would indicate. Friday and Saturday appear to be nice days weather wise as well with a slight risk of rain returning on Sunday.