Lafayette's weather has been a roller coaster ride of up and down temperatures mixed in with occasional bouts of thunderstorms.

I hope you're not tired of the ride because we have more the roller coaster in the forecast for this week.

Today's weather, according to Dave Baker, will be windy and quite warm. It is spring so we should be seeing temperatures in the upper 70's and low 80 degree range. You will certainly  notice the gusty breeze out of the south. This will keep conditions comfortable but will create havoc with a hairdo or long flowing skirt.

Tomorrow is when things begin to change. A strong system across the Great Plains will interact with warm moist air for the Gulf of Mexico and the potential for thunderstorms will increase. Acadiana's best chances for rain and storms will begin during the day Wednesday. Rain and storms will stay in the area through at least midday on Thursday.

For the weekend expect beautiful spring like weather with overnight low temperatures around 50 degrees and afternoon high temperatures in the lower 70's.