The concept of hydration during a sporting event is not new. It can be the real difference between winning and losing and in some cases the difference between life and death. When the teams from Germany and Argentina take to the field on Sunday afternoon in Rio De Janeiro Brazil the skies should be clear and the temperature will be a very comfortable 75 degrees.

If you're at Lafayette's Parc International at 2pm on Sunday to join the watch  party, the temperature will be closer to 95 degrees than 75 degrees and the heat index will most likely be well above 100 degrees. You also have to factor in this bit of knowledge, those readings are based on temperatures in the shade. In direct sunlight the feels like temperature could be closer to 120 degrees.

Fortunately organizers of the watch party downtown are well aware that it is Summer in Lafayette and Winter in Rio. That is why they are making provisions to have plenty of cold drinks, water and other beverages on hand for those soccer fans that want to celebrate with the world.

We suggest you also include some sunscreen and you might want to bring an umbrella in case there is a  passing shower, or to keep the sun from beating down on you. The gates for Parc International will open at 12:30 and the match begins at 2pm. There is no admission charge to enter and concessions will be available.