Season 3 of NBC's The Voice just got a little more interesting for fans in the Acadiana area. That's because Lafayette's own Mackenzie Bourg was given the thumbs up by coach Cee Lo Green, thus moving on through to the next round.

Mackenzie, sporting his own set of "pumped up kicks", nailed the hit pop song by Foster the People of the same name. With guitar in hand and rockin' the Justin Beiber-like hair, the STM grad got overall positive reviews from all the judges.

Blake Shelton thought he had a "Harry Potter vibe" working. Adam Levine thought it was more of a Justin Bieber look. A look that Bourg quickly negated, obviously not fond of the "Bieb".

Christina Aguilera was the only one on the panel who had any degree of negative remarks, although it wasn't all the bad.

"I was waiting for it to go somewhere. It just didn't hit that place for me but Cee Lo heard it and you're on his team," quipped the pop diva.

Bottom line, Mackenzie Bourg is through to the next round and should do well and make us all proud. This is a young man who's battle some serious health issues and obviously has come out those tough times a stronger young. We will definitely keep an eye on him and his quest to win The Voice.

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