Luke and I were talking again... (I know, bad things happen because of this) BUT, we were talking about the most annoying intersections around town, and here is what we came up with:

3. Ambassador Caffery @ Johnston Street

It's a big inconvenience for us when we head to the mall because It has got to be one of the most heavily trafficked areas in Lafayette!

2. Kaliste Saloom @ Pinhook Road

We try to avoid Pinhook at all costs unless we have to go somewhere on the road itself. We mean come on.... It's about as wide as the tip of a Pin. Ha, get the joke.

1. Johnston Street @ Camellia/Guilbeau

We still do not understand the whole thing that's going on around there. I've almost turned into the "old lanes" which would have put me into oncoming traffic now. We understand what they did and why, but we still think it's a mess.

So tell us, what intersections burn your rubber?