People are always asking me why I don't like to have my picture taken. I think it's because over the past few years every time I have had my picture made I have had to write a check to Redflex and Lafayette Consolidated Government. Tonight when the Lafayette City-Parish council convenes the future of future photos being added to my personal gallery will be up for debate.

By the end of tonight's meeting of the council we should know one of two things. There will be more Redflex cameras in operation around Lafayette or there will be NO Redflex cameras operating around Lafayette. It's one of those quirks that only politics can produce. Last May's council meeting the council voted 8-1 to give preliminary approval to a plan by Joey Durel's administration to extend the current contract with Redflex, the operators of the Safe Speed and Safe Light cameras. During that same meeting the council voted 5-4 on another preliminary ordinance, one that would effectively scrap the entire program and have the cameras removed.

Which side of the issue are you on? More cameras with local government getting a larger share of the revenue generated or scrapping the idea and returning to streets and highways that are not electronically monitored.