I like to play the "What If"..game. You know the game where you take regular circumstances and throw in a usually twisted variable. For example, " What if they ran NASCAR races through a mine field?" Okay, I would watch that, that is the game. We do that to pass the hours on long car trips, you know like the driving from the mall to downtown on Johnston at 5pm. Obviously we aren't the only ones that like to ask "What If" in this video, which by the way was nominated for a Webby Award. The producers ask, What would The Nativity be like if it happened in today's modern digital age? I must admit it I prefer the old fashioned way we share the story but regardless.  I hope on this warm Spring day you were reminded of the joy of the Christmas Season. I wish you the Spirit of the Season and the blessings of Peace that Christmas brings any time of year. I will re-tweet this to you next December when your more in the mood!