I had the great pleasure recently of getting to hang out and know the great folks at Lagneaux's "King of Seafood" on Ridge Road as part of the Eat Lafayette campaign.

When you've been in business since 1969 and you're three generations deep, you know you've got a winner!

If you are a seafood lover, then let me tell you chêr, Lagneaux's is the place for you!

Of course, Lagneaux's is most known for their famous seafood buffet with boiled crabs, boiled shrimp, boiled crawfish and a whole bunch more. They also offer signature delights such as fried shrimp, frog legs, catfish, seafood au gratin, seafood gumbo, and many more seafood dishes.

During the Eat Lafayette campaign (which runs through Sept. 1st), Lagneaux's is offering $2.00 off dinner or lunch buffet or a seafood platter.

The next time you are craving seafood, you really should consider Lagneaux's at 445 Ridge Road in Lafayette.

Here is a video of my trip to Lagneaux's. A big thanks to the entire Lagneaux family and all the wonderful staff for the hospitality.