Tim Arnold of Titusville, Fl wasn't given much time to gather his belongings and leave the RV park before his landlord took matters into her own hands.  Arnold claims his trailer was towed from the RV park while he was inside it. "She told me I had an hour to get out of there or she was going to have it towed away," reported Arnold.

Arnold told his landlord he had no intentions of going anywhere and went inside with his dog and locked the door.  "Next thing you know, I'm moving,"  Arnold told WESH.  "I called 911 and I tried to tell them I was going down the highway in my RV and I don't know why."  Once the trailer stopped moving, Arnold waited inside in fear of someone waiting on him.  He eventually walked outside and noticed he was alone and fifteen miles away from the RV park.  He had to ask an airboat driver where he was.

Former neighbors were not sad to see Arnold go, even th0ugh it was a brash exit.  Arnold is now living in a homeless shelter while his dog is staying in an animal shelter.  Apparently Arnold did not seem to be a considerate neighbor.  This was not the first incident an RV renter was driven away from their residence.