I think the best thing about being able to write about all this action is knowing that we we STILL have the Sunday Cup race to run. The fist fight happened in the truck race, the last lap pass with two leaders running out of fuel happened in the Nationwide series. If the two set up events are any indicator there might be an appearance by OptimusPrime of the Transformers in the Sprint Cup race today at Chicago. So what happened? 

First let's go to Kansas Motor Speedway and the Trucks, Kyle Busch has been the class of the truck field all season long. Kyle Busch is also on probation for bumping Kevin Harvick and you may recall he is the same gentleman that was ticketed for driving 128mph in a 45mph zone just last weekend. Eyewitnesses say thatBusch and Richard Childress Driver Joey Coulter had been beating and banging on each other the final six laps of the truck race in Kansas. At the end of the race Busch pulled along side the younger driver and reportedly said something. Later in the garage reports say that Childress and Busch had to be separated after a "melee" broke out.

 Very few details are being offered since both camps refused to comment.If you aren't sure who Richard Childress is, he was the car owner for #3 the legendary Dale Earnhardt. Some reports say that Childress handed the much younger Busch a whipping and that he might have a few facial bruises to hide behind his sunglasses.  A bigger issue might be this,because of the earlier incidents.We could see Kyle Busch sitting for several weeks.

In the Nationwide series, there weren't as many fireworks but things got very interesting at the end of the STP 300 at Chicagoland Speedway. Carl Edwards was leading comfortably but had a question about gas, did he have enough to finish the race. The answer, he didn't and his car started slowing with about a third of a lap to go. Justin Allgaier, a native of the Chicago area, zipped by and with the finish line in sight,his engine sputtered and shut down.

 With the finish line fast approaching the two lead cars are coasting and coming hard is Dayton 500 winner Trevor Bayne! Fortunately for Allgaier he had enough momentum in the car to coast across the line and pick up the checkered flag, Edwards limped home for second. What will see in todays Sprint Cup Race? It's going to be hard to top these two stories for sure.