Leggings for Men? Please make it stop before it even gets started. I know me writing a piece about fashion is a lot like Hugh Hefner writing about celibacy.

The fact that I don't know a lot about a subject shouldn't prevent me from making my comments. Facebook proves that point every day doesn't it?

Fashion for men can be broken down into two categories if you ask me. There is the category for men who need to look professional and there is the category for men who actually work. Casual fashion for men can be summed up this way. Jeans if it is cool outside, shorts if it is warm outside. A t-shirt supporting a sports team or favorite beer is what you wear on top.

There is no need for leggings.

Leggings or mantyhose or meggings as they might be called just don't have any place in a man's wardrobe. Much like skinny jeans, leggings are meant for women. Women have the body style and body structure (think plumbing) that supports the cling and close fit of leggings. No one wants or needs to see the protrusions, bulges and deep crevices that a man's body is built with.

Several years ago I was traveling in Europe and noticed men wearing Capri Pants. I commented to my wife that if that ever becomes a style in America it will be the end of masculinity as we know it. I am sure in some circles and Justin Bieber audiences there are men in Capris and Meggings. While I support their right to make their own fashion statement I will vehemently defend my right to say NO!

The ultimate reason for wearing any particular kind of clothing in a real man's life is comfort. We are simple creatures. We like extra room in certain places. We like to be able to scratch and adjust without pain. We need room for passing gas to escape. I would be afraid to fart while wearing leggings. The trapped gas might create an explosion if I wandered to close to the barbeque pit.

Ladies, you have the ultimate say in what looks good on a man. Please agree with me and stop this fashion faux pas before we are forced to see the likes of Drew Carey, Alec Baldwin and that guy with the mustache on Parks and Recreation wearing meggings. Let your man know that a nice fitting pair of jeans and a comfortable shirt look really good to you while he is holding your purse at Victoria's Secret.