I have to admit my recent trips to the Office of Motor Vehicles  in Upper Lafayette to get my drivers license renewed and to get my daughter her learner's permit have been quite pleasurable.

The OMV and the long lines of waiting to get your drivers license renewed have been the butt of jokes through the years but now, just when they have the system all figured out, they don't want us to go to the OMV as often.

Legislation is currently moving through from the Senate to the House of Representatives and so far the idea of changing Louisiana's drivers license renewal from four years to six years has met with very little opposition.

In fact the bill, proposed by Senator Dan Claitor, faced no opposition in the Senate. Claitor said his decision to file this renewal bill was made after hearing testimony in a Finance Committee meeting from State Police Colonel Mike Edmonson.

"He suggested that if we extended the time period from four years to six years, we'd be able to cut the wait significantly.  So I filed the bill before he'd left committee."


Claitor's comments were reported to the Louisiana Radio Network. There is a precedent for six year renewals across the country. Many states already have six years as their default renewal time and many states make renewal possible on line. The House Transportation Committee is supposed to discuss the proposal during today's session.