Boots in the Sand, you've heard us talk about it on the radio and we want you to come along with us to Mexico. This is the ultimate vacation. It's sun, sand, pools and beaches combined with all the food you want and all you can drink. We're topping that off with four great nights of superstar entertainment from Billy Currington, Dierks Bentley, Brantley Gilbert and Jana Kramer. Your accommodations are waiting at the newly opened Hard Rock Riviera Maya Resort.

What could make this trip better? How about knowing a few key phrases to help you fit in with the locals and keep the other guests guessing about who you really are. After all what happens in Mexico stays in Mexico right?


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    comiendo moscas

    The literal translation of this is "eating flies". I can assure you that the food at the Hard Rock is not involved with this phrase at all. Where the phrase comes from is this, if a person is staring off into space and seems to be lost they are said to be "comiendo moscas". I am guessing the great tropical atmosphere and a few shots of tequila will do that to you.

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    mi avión despegó

    This means  "my plane just took off". If you're at the airport you might have a reason to worry but if you are at the beach that's a good thing. This phrase is to be taken as I lost my train of thought. Losing ones train of thought while in a tropical paradise is not only encouraged it is expected.

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    tener ganas de

    This phrase means "feel like". You can slip this baby in front of a lot of great activities during 'Boots in the Sand'. You can "feel like" getting another drink, sitting on the beach, watching a concert, sleeping past noon, staring at the girls, getting another drink, oh wait did that one already. You get the idea.

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    caerle gordo a alguien

    Literally this one is "someone drop you fat" which doesn't make a lot of sense in English. The meaning of the expression is "someone who rubs you the wrong way". This could be a massage therapist with long fingernails, or the security guard who is constantly reminding you that dancing is allowed just not on the tables. Chances are, at 'Boots in the Sand' the only rubbing you'll be doing in public will involve suntan oil and your eyes because you won't believe how beautiful this place is.

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    echar la hueva

    This means "take the roe" or more common "give it the egg". Think of what an egg means on a scoreboard, it means nothing. So give it the egg means give it nothing. That is exactly the amount of effort you will have to give to have a great time at 'Boots in the Sand'. Your every whim and want will be taken care of and all you have to do is nothing. There is plenty to do but if nothing is what you want, this is the trip for you.

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