You know with all the hooked up, dialed in, call-me-now stress of the world in which we live, it's good to know the simplest of life's pleasures are the ones we value the most. For me, a hug that smells like peanut butter from one of my kids, the smell of a Summer thunderstorm and the feeling of warm sunshine on  my shoulders are instant reminders that life is good, really good. In case you're too busy to think simply, I've found a list of 30 simple pleasures that I just know you'll enjoy.

So what is it for you? Is it the simple joy of holding the love of your life's hand? Maybe quiet peace of a brilliant sunset? Could it be the wave of memories washing over you as you look a old photographs. Please won't you share some of your simple pleasures with me? I think we all need to find a porch, a swing and some lemonade and just "be" for a few minutes.