Hip Hop, Zydeco and Rodeo, not exactly three things you'd expect to see put together in a sentence. Certainly not three things you'd expect to find combined in one amazing young athlete. Then again Kendrick Domingue is not about being what you'd expect. He is a young man pursuing a dream. He wants to make his living roping calves on the professional rodeo circuit. While that dream might not seem to be totally far fetched, when you meet Kendrick you'll see he has had to overcome a bit more than most.

Kendrick is a cowboy from right here in South Louisiana. He will tell you the color of his skin is not the reason you should cheer for him. He would hope that his ability to perform his craft at the highest level would be why you'd want to get behind him and support him. On this day when we honor Dr. Martin Luther King and his dream that one day we might all just be given the chance to pursue our dreams no matter what our race, religion, or cultural background. We thought you might like to meet Kendrick Domingue, Here is his story.