The four workers from Acadiana have been identified as Jeremy Parfait of Houma, Craig Myers, Ted Derise Jr., and Nick Reed all of New Iberia. These men are all employed by Trinity Liftboats LLC of New Iberia.

Randy Reed, the president of Trinity Liftboats and father of one of the missing men says the four men plus 6 other crewmen who are employed by Houston, Texas based Geokenetics abandoned the Trinity II Thursday afternoon. They boarded a lifeboat that Reed says is outfitted with food and amenities to last several days. Unfortunately there is no means of communication with the life vessel.

Currently the Mexican Navy is conducting a search and rescue mission to find the 10 crew members. The operations are being hampered by high wind and seas as a result of Tropical Storm Nate.

***Original Story****

Four Acadiana area oil workers are among the 10 missing during evacuation of a rig in the Bay of Campeche. According to reports the 10 employees of Geokentics were being evacuated from the area because of weather related to Tropical Storm Nate. It is believed that three of the 10 workers are from Iberia Parish and a fourth is from Houma.

The workers were part of the crew of the Trinity II, a liftboat operation under contract to Geokentics. Reports from the area indicate the liftboat suffered fissures in the jacking legs and was partially submerged. Rescue boats were scheduled to be on the scene soon but their efforts were being hampered by gale force winds from Tropical Storm Nate.