Here's a local video that's just starting to get a lot of attention around the web. A local man stops to film a routine traffic stop on Ambassador Caffery as, he puts it, "a neutral 3rd party". Eventually, after some back and forth legal talk, the man filming is arrested for loitering.

From the arrested man's youtube account :

"Those that are going to say I have no business viewing a public scene are wrong. I knew neither the officer or the female. I was on my way to eat at Ihop and pulled over to film. Had nothing happened and everyone acted without overstepping their boundaries than like every other incident I film I would have deleted the footage and moved on. Filming holds everyone accountable for any wrong doings that MAY happen. I've had to disprove a false police report with video evidence in the past. (see my other videos)"

So, who do you think is right, or wrong? Fact of the matter is, loitering is loitering, ya know? Was this guy asking for it, or were the police being a little jumpy?