When it comes to love and relationships it seems that everybody has advice. The problem with most free advice: it eventually cost way more than what you were willing to pay. In this case, I think you can bank this man's advice as the gospel truth when it comes to being in a relationship with an animal lover.

Here is the scenario. A young man and woman have just gotten married. All is well in the home except for the abundance of animal hair. The lady in our story is quite fond of her furry friends. Her husband doesn't mind the animals but really doesn't like all the hair. The animals involved are a Yorkie, three cats and a ferret so you can see the opportunity for the fur to fly is obvious.

Being a man, the hero of our tale has come up with a great way to keep his new wife happy and solve his hairy dilemma. Let's just say it involves a razor, some stitches and the  silent treatment for over a month. Listen to him tell his tale.