There was a time in America when things were built to last. Cars, houses, families and marriages all stood the test of time. Cars and houses don't fall into that category so much anymore, but in Louisiana at least, families and marriages most certainly do. Even though the headlines are cluttered with stories of brother against brother and celebrity divorce, I think families and marriages are holding their own.

To celebrate marriage this Valentines Day, the Louisiana Family Forum is looking to honor Louisiana's longest married couples. They are hosting a special event at the Governor's mansion on February 14th. The "winner" of the event the last two years has been Norman and Norma Burmah of Marksville. The Burmah's have been honeymooning for the past 83 years.

If you would like to nominate a couple to be considered for this special event Gene Mills, President of Louisiana Family Forum explains the process.

"You can do it one of two ways. You can go to our website and and click on the longest married contest or simply call our 800 number (800) 606-6470 and make sure you give both names and some details,"

Mills made these comments in a report filed with the Louisiana Radio Network. Mills went on to say that this event is an effort to celebrate life-long marriages and to strengthen individual marriages by demonstrating that the institution of marriage is alive and well in the state of Louisiana.