The act of taking a moment to ask for guidance and forgiveness has sparked a lawsuit yet again. Phrases like "forgive us our trespasses" and "lead us not in to temptation",have no place  in this country any more right? NOT!!! I wonder sometimes if the Good Lord up above doesn't look down and just shake his head. Here we go again, the Lord's Prayer may now be officially ruled unconstitutional.

A dispute in a southern New Jersey town over the saying of the Lord's Prayer at public meetings could take on a new life.

Why is it that screams of hatred and prejudice are protected by the Constitution but the amazingly beautiful and wise words of the Lord's Prayer are not. If the Good Lord is willing, I hope someday to ask that question in person. I guess I was just unconstitutional wasn't I? I'm not concerned I would rather spend eternity with the  Heavenly Father than with a bunch of lawyers anyway.