Okay I am fudging on the world peace part, but the acne and the weight loss, that is a fact. Cucumbers? Who knew? This all started with a conversation on Good Morning Acadiana, the KATC TV 3 wake up show. Have you ever heard of rubbing a cucumber once you've cut it to remove the bitterness? Well this lead to some research on the subject and lo and behold the cucumber is amazing? 

Do you ever get a run down feeling in the afternoon? Next time instead of a cup of coffee try some cucumber. Really! The cucumber has the vitamins your body needs and the carbohydrates to power you back up with out overdosing you on caffeine.

Did you know that you can use a cucumber to prevent the bathroom mirror from fogging up after a shower? Just rub a slice of this magnificent veggie on the glass and poof there is no more fog issue.

Cucumbers can also help you fight cellulite. Try this next time your at the beach, just rub a slice of cucumber on your problem area for a few minutes and nature will take care of the rest. These are just some of the amazing uses for cucumbers besides the great summer time eating they provide