60-year-old Bob Erb of British Columbia, Canada won a $25 million lottery jackpot last November. Since then, he's given away a good chunk of it including $1 million for marijuana legalization efforts.

OK, perhaps that's not the most politically correct or ideal way of donating one's fortune, but the story gets better.

Erb was dining last week at a diner in Saskatchewan when he began talking to the owner, Clifford Luther. It turned out that Clifford's 25-year-old daughter had just been diagnosed with cancer. And four years ago, Bob's son died of cancer at just 26 years of age.

So a few days later, Bob went back to the diner and ordered a burger and some fries. He paid with a check for $10,000. He told Clifford to keep the change, to help with his daughter's medical expenses.

Now that's cool!