What do a New Orleans based beer and Godzilla have in common? Apparently enough to spark a copyright infringement lawsuit. New Orleans Lager & Ale Brewing Co., the makers of Mechahopzilla beer, will have to change the name of their product if they don't want to be gobbled up by company that owns the rights to character and name Godzilla.

Toho Co. LTD announced through their attorneys yesterday that a pending copyright infringement lawsuit between Godzilla and the beer company had been settled. This isn't unusual, Toho has been involved in more than 30 copyright lawsuits regarding Godzilla since 1991.

Under the agreement Mechahopzilla beer will be no longer, at least under that name. Speculation is that the brewery will shorten the name to Mecha but keep a lizard like creature on the label. These changes must be enacted by the end of the year.

The original lawsuit was filed in September by owners of the Godzilla franchise who suggested that the character being used to market Mechahopzilla beer was too close in resemblance to Mechagodzilla, the mechanical doppleganger of the famed movie creature. Mechagodzilla has been featured in films of the Godzilla franchise since 1974.

Attorneys for the brewery argued that their character was a parody and thus not an infringement of copyright. The case was settled before a judge made a ruling. Details of the case were reported on NOLA.com