From KATC :

A Louisiana boy being treated for a rare brain disease is looking to reach one million likes for his Facebook page.

Six-year-old Alexander "Xan" Moses is being treated at a Pittsburgh hospital for the degenerative disease, which, according to the Facebook page, is "progressively taking over his body and now his mind."

Despite his pain, Xan says his condition serves a bigger purpose--helping others.

"You see, sometimes I'm really scared and I just keep being brave," Xan says on his Facebook page. "So, if I keep being brave even when I'm scared then I'll show people how to do it, too."

As of this morning, Xan has more than 130,000 fans. You can become a Xan Fan by visiting the "Xan's Fans" Facebook page or by writing to the following address:

Jennifer Moses/XAN FAN
c/o Ronald McDonald House
451 44th Street Apt.