When you think of bull riders, you probably think of places like Texas and Wyoming. But if you look up the Cinch CBR World Standings you will see a bunch of Louisiana hometowns next to the bull riders' names.

Included in that is the current #3 rider, Josh Barentine of Johnson Bayou. The 26-year-old has 3,442 points which is nearly 700 points behind leader Gustavo Pedrero of Mexico.

We're looking forward to seeing Barentine and the rest of these outstanding athletes this Saturday at the Cajundome for the Silverado Slam. If you don't have your tickets yet, don't worry, there are plenty of good seats available.

Keep listening to 97.3 The Dawg for more info about the pre-party as well as when and where you can meet the legendary Tuff Hedeman!