A piece of legislation that has become known as "the chicken boxing" bill continues to move forward through this session of the Louisiana Legislature. The bill's intent is to close loopholes in Louisiana's cockfighting laws.

The bill provides that owning paraphernalia related to cockfighting and even raising certain species of animals might constitute a breach of the law. Proponents of the bill see the legislation as a way to close some of the ambiguity within the current law. Opponents of the measure see this as violation of personal freedom and cultural tradition.

Opelousas Senator Elbert Guillory believes the way the bill is written it will make even owning a chicken against the law. Senator Eric Lafleur of Ville Platte wonders if the legislation might affect the chasing of chickens at Mardi Gras.

"So it's okay for a human to fight a chicken but it's not okay for a chicken to fight a chicken,"

The bill's author J.P. Morell says the bill is not about changing tradition or culture.

"This is about animal cruelty. And a loophole in the law that we never meant to leave open,"

Both Morell and Lafleur's comments were reported in a story filed by the Louisiana Radio Network.

The measure, Senate Bill 523 will now be passed on to the Louisiana House after passing in the Senate by a vote of 31-7.