To be honest most drivers will be paying less at the pump this holiday weekend, but it will still be more than we were paying a few months ago. The latest information from Triple-A, The American Automobile Association, suggests that gas prices in Louisiana and around the country are finally headed in a consumer friendly direction.

There is a seasonal jump in gas prices as refineries switch from their winter blends to their summer blends of fuel. That is main reason consumers saw a distinct rise in prices over the past few months. That industry change over has now been complete and we are all feeling some relief.

Gas prices on a national average were down a penny from this week to last week but that still put the average price per gallon at five cents more than what we were paying last year at this same time.

A quick check of gas prices around Acadiana showed that most of our local retailers are selling fuel for far less than the national average of $3.63 per gallon. The lowest price we saw was $3.25 per gallon at a retailer on University in Lafayette.

Over the long Memorial Weekend Triple A is projecting that some 36.1 million Americans will travel more than 50 miles away from home. The organization says that almost 90% of those traveling will do so by car.