There are still a few weeks left in the Summer driving season and if you've still got one more trip to make in the car we have some good news for you. Oil and gas industry analyst say gas prices in Louisiana and around the country are beginning to fall. That means a few pennies here and few pennies there and you've save some real money on your travel expenses.

An analyst for , Patrick DeHaan tells the Louisiana Radio Network that drives in our state could see a drop of almost a dime in the next few weeks. DeHaan explained his reasoning for thinking that lower prices at the pump are on the horizon.

"The lack of hurricanes is certainly helping to put downward pressure instead of upward pressure, and the stock market's taking a tumble today that's also helping propel prices lower at the pump."

No hurricanes and lower prices are certainly a good thing for those of us that call South Louisiana home. The current statewide average price for a gallon of gas is now $3.46. That is a drop of about .02 cents from last week.